What's New in AVCLabs Video Blur AI V3.0.0

# April 2024 Major Updates (V3.0.0)

1. Add "Free-form Selection" mode for the Face Blur feature.

Add "Free-form Selection" mode to precisely track and blur any selected faces with one click. The blurring face experience in your video editing will be further enhanced by simplifying the recognition and selection process. Learn more →

2. The enhanced "Background Blur" feature.

The "Background Blur" feature was enhanced to improve accuracy and precision when blurring video background. We upgraded the Background Blur model to ensure the precision of background blur and allow users to adjust some parameters like Depth of Field, Foreground Expansion, and more. Learn more →

3. Add the "Project Management" feature.

For a better user experience, the "Project Management" feature was added to allow users to go back to previous operations and save progress midway. Learn more →

For more release information, please refer to version history for Windows and Mac.

1. AVCLabs Video Blur AI V2.4.0: Upgraded AI Facial Detection Model

2. AVCLabs Video Blur AI V2.3.0: Support Blurring License Plates