How to Remove Object from Photo for Free with AVCLabs Online Background Remover?

Step 1. Upload Image

Click on "Upload" and select the image you want to edit from your device.

Step 2. Select Object

Select the “Brush Tool” and mask the objects you need to remove, for example, text, people, dates.

Step 3. Remove Object from Photo

click the “Remove” button to remove the selected objects and wait for a while for its process.

Step 4. Download Image

Preview the results and then you can choose to export the image and save onto your PC.

object removal from photo using AVCLabs object remover before object removal from photo using AVCLabs object remover after

Quick and Accurate Object Remover AI Technology

Powered by advanced AI technology, the free online image eraser assists users in quickly erasing objects from photos, clearing watermarks, and more. No complicated photo editing skills and massive manual editing work are required.

Users can adjust the brush size and zoom scale to precisely control over the objects they want to remove.

Remove People from Photos

It is very frustrating when strangers get in your landscape or travel photos. No worries. The photo eraser tool can magically erase people from photos, removing passersby and tourists to focus on the scenery and important people.

Users can get clean photos for printing, posting on social media platforms, or creating a profile.

remove person from photo online free using AVCLabs object remover before remove person from photo online free using AVCLabs object remover  after
text remover from image online using AVCLabs object remover before text remover from image online using AVCLabs object remover after

Remove Text from Pictures

Even though it is a free online tool, AVCLabs object remover ai offers advanced features and high-quality results that rival those of paid software. It excels as a text remover from image and removes captions, subtitles, time stamps, and advertisements from pictures without ruing the background. It helps users to create visually appealing pictures.

Based on text detection technology, it accurately recognizes the text overlay and isolates text from the background.

Remove Item from Photos

Removing distracted item such as power lines, clutter, dash bins, and buildings from photos is necessary to enhance the overall quality of photos. A web-based AI photo eraser makes it easier than ever to get this job done.

Upload a photo and brush over the item, AI will detect the selected item and delete it within seconds.

Remove Item from Photos with AVCLabs object remover before Remove Item from Photos with AVCLabs object remover after

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the free photo editor with eraser tool?

    Popular AI photo editors on the market come with free image erasers, which are specially designed to remove any objects from images online for free.

  • What is an AI image eraser?

    An AI image eraser refers to an online tool that utilizes AI technology to remove unwanted, distracted, or cluttering objects from images in a smart way.

  • How do I remove someone from a photo?

    Simply go to the “Remove Objects” tool and add a photo to it. Select the “Brush” tool and adjust the brush size to cover the person you are willing to remove. At last, click the “Remove” option to let AI do the rest of the job.

  • How do I remove an object from a photo without Photoshop?

    The online AI photo editing tool provides users with an easy way to remove an object from a photo without installing tedious Photoshop. It performs an auto object eraser process. No complicated photo editing skills are needed.

  • In which web browser I can use AI object remover?

    The AI object remover is compatible with most common web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. Users are allowed to use it on any browser.

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