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1. Excellent Software

With 20 years of experience, AVCLabs Inc. developed state-of-the-art AI programs - Video Enhancer AI, Video Blur AI, and PhotoPro AI.

2. High Commission Rate

Sign up for the AVCLabs affiliate program and get up to 40% commission on the monthly sales amount. This is passive income without having to do much at all!

3. Customized on Demand

We offer flexible linking options and customize your demands so that you can get started with the partnership without any hassle!

4. Affiliate Policy

In order to ensure both your rights and benefits as well as ours, please click here to read AVCLabs Affiliate Policy.

AVCLabs has joined’s partnership management platform to let you begin working with us right away and earn revenue with ease. We will offer exclusive promo codes to valued partners. You get credit for the conversion. Here is how to become our affiliate.

How to Become AVCLabs Affiliate

01. Join AVCLabs Affiliate

Register an account through the link below to join AVCLabs affiliate.

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02. Promote AVCLabs

Post your affiliate link on your website, social media, YouTube channel, and etc.

03. Start Earning Commissions

Well done. Now you can start to make money while helping people discover AVCLabs products.

Become an AVCLabs affiliate, you can get 30% commission rate for each sale in return. If the amount of your monthly sales exceed $5000, you will get up to 40% commission rate.

01. $0-$4999: 30%

02. $5000 or higher: 40%

03. Cookie duration: 30 days

Very Easy to Earn

Sign up to be an AVCLabs affiliate and make money just by posting your exclusive link on the website.

Qualified Product to Sell

We have the perfect products for you to sell! Qualified and market-proven team is ready with an array of innovative ideas.

Customized on Demand

We take care of all material (banners, logos, text banners, product images, and product screen shots) for you to promote.

Custom Tracking System

The tracking system will make sure that you get paid for every sale, and your affiliate account is credited immediately.

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