Photo Enhancer AI for Android

Android photo editor and enhancer powered by AI. PhotoMagicAI is an AI-based photo editor and photo quality enhancer that offers plenty of AI photo editing tools to bring your photos to perfection with only one touch of a button. Instantly elevate your photo quality by upscaling the real resolution, sharpening, denoising, face beautifying, coloring, color calibrating, and background removing.

Best Photo Quality Enhancer to Boost Photograph to the Next Level

PhotoMagicAI is one of the best and most powerful photo quality enhancers for Android. It uses multiple engines to enhance photos automatically, including an AI engine, neural networks super-resolution, noise reduction engine, and etc. It improves photo quality in different ways.

Firstly, it supports upscaling the resolution of your landscape, wildlife, portrait, anime, night, and any other kinds of photographs without artifacts and enhancing the quality of the low-quality photos. As a dedicated image upscaler that uses deep-learning-based super-resolution, it can naturally upscale the image resolution by up to 400%, as well as remove defects and compression artifacts, with correct and corresponding details preserved.

landscape thumbnail Landscape
wildlife thumbnail Wildlife
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anime thumbnail Anime
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Remarkable Image Noise Reduction to Remove Noise and Grain

A dedicated and intelligent noise removal tool that can automatically remove noise from grainy photos and enhance the quality. With the powerful noise reduction engine and deep-learning algorithm, PhotoMagicAI can detect which parts of an image correspond to noise, and automatically get rid of digital noise in the grainy areas while preserving the details.

PhotoMagicAI AI provides you with exceptional noise reduction and detail enhancements in the specific areas that need them. The deep learning noise-reduction model is specifically designed and trained to work on any kind of photography like landscape, wildlife, macro, portrait, and night, making it easier than ever before for users to get great results from their photos!

wildlife thumbnail Wildlife
night thumbnail Night
macro thumbnail Macro
portrait thumbnail Portrait

AI Image Sharpen to Fix Blurry Images without Artifacts

Unsharp masking is an image sharpening technique that can increase local contrast everywhere except at image edges. Edge-aware filtering can be better because it preserves edges while also recovering some amount of detail in smooth regions; however many filters have limitations such as artifacts around corners or sensitivity towards the noise.

Now AI image sharpener comes to fix your blurry photos more effectively. It uses AI technology for out-of-focus or motion blur images so you can get back stunning results in no time! This easy program features the well-trained AI Sharpen model which makes it simple without experimenting, making this a great option if want to do something different with your pictures without having much knowledge of graphics editing programs.

motion blur thumbnail Motion Blur
out of focus thumbnail Out of Focus
blurry face thumbnail Blurry Faces

AI Face Recovery to Recover Blurry Faces and Enhance with Details

AI face detection and recovery can analyze facial features in order to recognize and recover the blurry, unclear, and pixelated faces on video or photo.

AI face refinement of PhotoMagicAI is a one-click solution for enhancing your portrait photography. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, you can get high-quality portraits or selfies in just seconds with the click of a button! This software will help remove blemishes and improve skin tone while also adjusting eye color to make subjects more beautiful than ever before - all without any complicated editing process or hassle.

portrait enhance Enhance
remove blemishes Remove blemishes
remove red eyes Remove Red Eyes

Image Background Remover to Get Transparent Background Image

This AI Image Background Remove allows you to one-click remove the background from any image without needing to manually select the area and create a transparent background. This app is perfect for anyone who wants to create transparent cutout backgrounds for their photos, or for those who simply want to remove the background from an image so that they can place the subject of the photo into a new design or destination.

This AI-based Image Background Remover can help you quickly and easily remove the background from your image, leaving you with a transparent background in seconds. It is capable of automatically detecting subjects on photos and offers neat, clear, and smooth cutout edges.

AI Colorize Pictures: Turn Black and White Photos into Color

What if all of your favorite black and white photos were in color? Artificial intelligence (AI) can make this possible with one touch of a button. AI colorizer uses complex algorithms to change the colors on any photo or video, giving them an entirely new lease on life!

PhotoMagicAI uses AI to automatically colorize pictures, turning old family/childhood photos, classic movie screenshots, or black and white landscapes into beautiful color images. The AI colorizing app is easy to use and requires no learning curve. Simply upload a black and white photo and the AI will do the rest. The results are surprisingly realistic and accurate, bringing new life to old photos.

childhood thumbnail Childhood
family thumbnail Family
history thumbnail History
landscape thumbnail Landscape

AI Calibrate Color to Fix Color Casts in Your Digital Photos

Modern cameras are getting better at neutralizing color casts, but the problem still remains. A small amount of this unwanted effect can be enough to distract from your image and take away from what you're trying to convey in a photo - even if it's not very apparent!

Lightroom and Photoshop offer various settings to fix blue casts or green color casts in photos. The color correction tools in the program help to maintain the right white balance and obtain desired the results. While PhotoMagic AI offers AI Color Calibration model to automatically fix the color cast, no need filters and adjusting color curves.

Photos Enhanced by PhotoMagicAI

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